29 November 2006

Epitaph for 'social networks'

"Myspace is not about friends." It's about using other people as a status symbol.

28 November 2006

Greg Easterbrook, on Beliefnet, does the old Intelligent Creation repetition, right down to trotting out the slogan teach the controversy:

But then, just as in 1925 opposition to natural selection was not really about the theory but about sustaining a status quo in which people were not supposed to question clergy, so today's evolutionary fundamentalism is not so much about the theory but about sustaining a new status quo in which people are not supposed to question scientists. Yet this discourages students from engaging in one of the most fascinating--if not the most fascinating--of questions: Why are we here?

The most fascinating question that comes to my mind while reading this paragraph would be if Easterbrook needs directions to the philosophy department, where he would find why's aplenty.

More interestingly, it displays an equation (clergy=scientists) that seems to have been making the rounds among American Intelligent-Creationists: science is just another form of dogma. So it doesn't matter if the dogma is scientific or religious, and they should have equal weight.

02 November 2006

Not everyone who describes themselves as Christian or Jewish believes in God. Indeed, only 76 percent of Protestants, 64 percent of Catholics, and 30 percent of Jews say they are "absolutely certain" there is a God.

...according to this Harris Poll of U.S. adults.

I wonder how many Christians would tell you they believe in reincarnation, to the sighs of clergy that the uneducated believers got the faith wrong.